Special Guest at The Zone!

Wow! We are so excited to have the most special of guests coming to play with us at this Saturday at The Zone! Ofer Mizrahi ...there are no words to describe his magic. hrt emoticon heart emoticoheart emot

Our Newest Clip - Ayla

We are so happy to finally release our newest clip - AYLA - into the world! 
We had such a beautiful time making this clip, both the music and the film.
Thank you to everyone who was a part of…


Flash CD GIVEAWAY LOVE!! Thank you for all your support and love in 2014. 
May 2015 be our brightest year yet!
Download LoopINside LIVE for Free until Midnight Jan 2! 
Happy New Year Friends! We love you <3

We can now send hard copy CDs directly to you!!

Guys we are so excited to finally be able to send you CDs - the real thing - across the seas to your home!
Check out the store page!
Of course we are still doing instant downloads too!
Love love…

Sunset Show in Korazim!

Beauties in the North of Israel! This Hamishi 12.6 is finally coming closer! Our Sunset Show in Korazim with the amazing Dj Lightchild Project joining the Mesiba! Come and share this beautiful afternoon/eve with us...its going to be super special…

Filming a New Clip!

All of you Israel Beauties - Tomorrow Eve Sunday 1.6 we will be filming a new clip or two LIVE at The Syfria, Em Ha Derek!
Come down, or up, and be part of the Magic!!! 

Thank You The Container and all you held last night!!

 ❥ ♡  ღ ɞ Wowowowowowowow!!! Thank you so much all you beautiful people who were rocking The Container with us last night! Wow Wa Wii Wa!!! You were without a doubt, the funkiest audience we have ever played to, and…