"One of the most amazing and moving performers I have ever had the pleasure to watch. So filled with spirit and talent. So present and real.This gorgeous couple are so in tune with each other. Simply inspiring."
Miranda Chance, Love and Hatred 



Flash CD GIVEAWAY LOVE!! Thank you for all your support and love in 2014. 
May 2015 be our brightest year yet!
Download LoopINside LIVE for Free until Midnight Jan 2! 
Happy New Year Friends! We love you <3

Our newest clip! El Ha Tzipor (Bialik) Live 

So happy to share with you our New Clip - El Ha Tzipor filmed Live at Ha Syfria by the Amazing Igor Abu Maya Beregovsky~~
In these days of suffering and a sadness there are no words for, we send you light and love through our music, from our hearts straight to yours...Feeling strange to share happiness right now, but we must keep shining the light~
Share our love with the ones you love beauties:) Lets send this song traveling on the winds!!!! 

Click here to watch our newest live clip!
Carlie Fairburn is the jewel of the crown of the Israel indie music scene 
Shay Tochner

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