'Carlie Fairburn is  the jewel in the crown of the Indie music scene of Israel'  Shay Tochner

"One of the most amazing and moving performers I have ever had the pleasure to sit and watch..So filled with spirit and talent. So present and real. This gorgeous couple are so in tune with each other. Simply inspiring" - Miranda Chance

Carlie and Yosi

 Carlie and Yosi
LoopINside LIVE
ElectraFolk Groove
A fusion of acoustic and electric, loops and layers,
sounds and songs to journey

Carlie Fairburn was the lead vocalist in Australia's world music band "Yellow Monday" for some years
before setting off for India, where she had the amazing experience of writing her first song.
Since this magical moment,
she has continued traveling and composing original music,
with her writing book under her arm and guitar on her back.
Collaborating with musicians from all over the world,
Carlie has sung in Australia, India, Turkey, Spain and much of Europe
and has busked to audiences across the globe.

Carlie, an Australian born singer and songwriter,
together her Israeli husband and fellow musician Yosi Chopen  create "LoopINside -
A show that is currently touring Israel like wildfire.

Carlie and Yosi have played
Indigo Festival,
Jacobs Ladder Festival,
Sunbeat Festival,
Yearot Menashe Festival,
Wildflower Festival,
The Healing Music Festival
Osho Festival,
Sacred Journey,
Zorba the Buddha Festival
and have warmed up for Israel's Neil Young, Geva Alon.
Carlie has performed with Nahko Bear and Asaf Avidan
and they currently travel the country with their little girl Yemaya,
who is learning to live 'life on the road':).

Together they combine their Australian/Israel roots
to present a lively performance of Folk based original songs
written by Carlie, performed using a Loop Station and many instruments
(2 guitars, didgeridoo, native american flute, melodica, many forms of percussion).
Acoustic Folk Groove entwined with an Ethnic Tribal Twist.

They record LIVE in LOOPs on stage,
layering vocals and sounds
to build the songs to a sound much bigger than the two of them.

The audience is hypnotised as Carlie's stage presence carries the show to the next level.
Vocal harmonies fill the stage,
Deep groove and rhythm entice the feet to move,
and Carlie's lyrics transport the audience to another world:
A hypnotic journey from beginning to end. 

Our newest clip - Unknown to Me LIVE


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broken bones.

Broken Bones
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Recently we had the pleasure of doing a 2 hour radio show with the amazing Ori Bankhalter. We played live, shared music that inspires us and laughed a lot! It was so much fun! Click the picture for the On Demand link to the show so you can listen whenever you like!


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Carlie and Yosi are currently moving to Australia!
Aussie shows are being booked and will be posted here as soon as confirmed!



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There was A Wind 

For many weeks now i have wanted to write...my feelings about the situation here in the middle east, in Israel, my home...and i just have not found the words. And then yesterday, as has always been, when emotions and thoughts merge together in my world...they appear through song~ Not always clear is the story to the listener, and sometimes not even to myself...yet, this is my way~

There was a Wind

There was a wind
Blowing smolder
Cross a sea of trenches
Under moon today

There was a wind
Blowing older
Cross the younger faces
Too soon today

There was a wind
Blowing stronger
Than the force of man or men
Than the will of hate

There was a wind
Blowing sober
Through the minds of drunken fools
With the will of grace.

As he gave her a spiral shell 
that grew on Rosemarine
He added salt and oil 
to all the good wind would bring
And from that spiral shell 
that grew on Rosemarine
Came waves of wisdom full
to cool the heat war brings

There was a wind
People called her
From north west south and east
From the furthest planes

They begged of the wind
To ease the sorrow
Of Rivers running red
And Tears of the same

That mighty wind
She howled ferocious
She sang their voices
Their calls for change

There was a wind
She carried breath bare
She cradled forgiveness
And the hearts of the brave

As he gave her a spiral shell 
that grew on Rosemarine
He added salt and oil 
to all the good wind would bring
And from that spiral shell 
that grew on Rosemarine
Came waves of wisdom full
to cool the heat war brings

Our newest clip! El Ha Tzipor (Bialik) Live 

So happy to share with you our New Clip - El Ha Tzipor filmed Live at Ha Syfria by the Amazing Igor Abu Maya Beregovsky~~
In these days of suffering and a sadness there are no words for, we send you light and love through our music, from our hearts straight to yours...Feeling strange to share happiness right now, but we must keep shining the light~
Share our love with the ones you love beauties:) Lets send this song traveling on the winds!!!! 

Click here to watch our newest live clip!